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Our Caring, Committed Staff: Nicole Smolko-Jaser

Our caring, committed staff are the heart of our values-based approach to assisted living. Below is a quick Q & A with Nicole Smolko-Jaser, Life Enrichment Coordinator at Youville Place.

What is your favorite part of working at Youville?

“I love the small, close-knit feel of the community; I like being able to greet everyone by name.”

“My absolute favorite part is interacting with our amazing residents, particularly my Courtyard family. I love learning about their incredible lives, and most of all I love making them smile.”

What is a piece of advice you would give your younger self?

“The only person in life you can control is yourself. You can’t control how others speak or act, and you can’t make people care when they don’t. Keep your focus on doing your own personal best by your own standards and you will be happy with yourself.”

What do you think makes Youville unique?

“The spirit of the Grey Nuns breathes a sense of warmth and community throughout Youville that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.”

“The fact that this community is rooted in faith and the values of the Grey Nuns strengthens our call to serve all who may enter our care.”

What’s one thing people don’t know about you that they would be surprised to find out?

“I love horror movies and going to haunted houses in the fall!”

What’s on your bucket list?

“I would really like to go skydiving someday.”

Would you like to learn more about how our caring, committed staff make such a difference in The Youville Experience? Click here to contact our Director of Marketing and ask any questions you might have about Youville. You can also request to schedule a tour and see for yourself what makes our values-based approach to assisted living stand out.
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