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Michael Philip Manheim Delights Residents with a Retrospective Photography Exhibition


Youville resident Michael Philip Manheim delighted residents and the public with a retrospective exhibition of photography from his 50+ year career. Mr. Manheim is known for developing a signature style of multiple exposures that captures change and transition on film.

Michael Manheim and family at the exhibition.

On Tuesday, May 7, Youville Place residents and the public were invited to a photography exhibition by Michael Philip Manheim.  Mr. Manheim, a resident at The Courtyard at Youville Place, had planned the exhibition with his family and was eager to share his work with fellow residents. Mr. Manheim’s photography has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. He is known for developing a signature style of multiple exposures that captures change and transformation on film. The exhibition at Youville Place featured work from his 50+ year career as a professional photographer.

The event provided a rare opportunity for residents in Youville Place’s traditional assisted living residence to meet residents at The Courtyard, Youville’s memory support community. Throughout the two-hour exhibition, The Courtyard was packed with residents, families, and outside guests. “The exhibition was a wonderful success!” says Bridget Barden, Director of The Courtyard. “Residents found Mr. Manheim’s photography to be very moving and appreciated the opportunity to speak with him about his art.”dancer moving





Mr. Manheim has described his unique approach to photography as follows:

“I soon realized that I was photographing spirit more than surface. My subjects were not only moving, but they were also relating to nature in a manner that often revealed their inner selves…I seemed to be photographing the psyche, a place far removed from what people present to the public.”

Click here to read a longer artist’s statement.

Today, Mr. Manheim’s photographs are held in public and private collections, including the Library of Congress, the International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum, the Danforth Museum of Art, and the Bates College Museum of Art. His exhibition will remain at Youville Place through May.

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