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Meet Bianca Medeiros, COO

Bianca 04croppedBianca Medeiros, one of Youville’s longest-serving employees, was recently promoted to Chief Operating Officer. As COO, one of her key responsibilities is working with directors and staff to ensure smooth operations at Youville House.

“I’m a believer in the philosophy that ‘those who do the work know best how to do the work,’” Bianca says. “I’ve worked in many of the departments at Youville at one time or other, and I have confidence in the insights that our directors and staff bring to the table.”

Bianca began working at Youville as a high school sophomore. She has indeed worked in nearly every department over the course of her 21-year career. Her trajectory has included positions in Dining Services, Maintenance, Reception, Programs, Human Resources, and Community Life. In each role, Bianca has found satisfaction in seeing the positive impact of her work on those she serves. “At Youville, no matter what my position has been, I have always found opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives, to identify the good in them and to offer help when they needed it. This has been primarily what has kept me here all these years!”

While serving as Programs Assistant at Youville, Bianca earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UMass Boston. Her passion for helping others is matched by a love of systems, organization, and solving problems. “My science background fits in with being a very curious and very organized person,” she says. Another source of inspiration is the Lean training she undertook while working as a Human Resources Assistant. “One of the things that Lean emphasizes is finding simple solutions to complicated problems, rather than complicated solutions to simple problems,” she says.

Bianca’s wide range of experience has equipped her with a unique perspective on the “big picture” of how Youville operates.  She recently worked as Director of Community Life, where she honed her talent for developing meaningful relationships with residents and family members. For the past seven months, she has filled the role of Interim COO and drawn on her deep resources as a leader and problem solver.

As COO, Bianca will continue to provide knowledgeable guidance and critical support for directors, as well as residents and families, as she oversees the day-to-day operations at Youville House. Her promotion to COO is wonderful news for our organization as we move forward.

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